Snyder Derival is an NYC based cinematographer whose experience encompasses a myriad of fields, including television drama, cinema commercials, documentaries, and music videos. His passion for the image began in the early teens, when he started working as an event camera operator. From there, it was a seamless transition into cinematography as he went on to graduate from Full Sail University with a Bachelor in film.

Snyder’s work has taken him to many different countries over the world and has included a diverse tapestry of production, having worked with some of the best cinematographers in the industry, Snyder takes the best of each to create his own style that many can now recognize from seeing his work. He has many years of experience as a cinematographer and his ability to work with speed, accuracy and artistic focus has been recognized with countless awards for Best Cinematography in the fields of television and cinema advertising, documentaries and drama.

For Snyder, less is more. His approach to cinematography centers around being “raw and honest”—keeping it simple so that the magic of each scene can come to life organically. Even still, journeying into uncharted technical areas in order to solve creative problems kindles his imagination. Snyder finds it important to maintain a close tab on the art and design worlds, equipped to style-shift when aesthetic breakthroughs capture his attention.